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josef_rosenblattThis site is dedicated to the works of the immortal Cantor Josef (‘Yossele’) Rosenblatt as introduced and interpreted by his great grandson Rabbi Dr. Jonathan I. Rosenblatt. With Rabbi Rosenblatt as a guide, the works of his ancestor, their depth and creativity, their soaring spiritual power, become intimately available to a new audience. The seasoned lover of Chazzunut will be moved, as the remarkable character of the great Cantor, the qualities that made him uniquely beloved, even among the greats of the Golden Age of Chazzanut, comes to life in the insights of his great grandson

Rabbi Rosenblatt was ordained by the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (Yeshiva University) and has served for over thirty years in the community rabbinate. He holds advanced degrees of the Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University and has been a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University. Rabbi Rosenblatt has lectured extensively around the world, often delighting audiences with interpretative presentations on his ancestor’s life and music.